William’s Kelana Jaya

Aree was craving for mashed potatoes at around 10.30pm and so we were asking friends for recommendations of places to find western food at that hour.

We decided on Williams in Kelana Jaya. Its a roadside stall selling all kinds of food but their specialty is western food. The portions are really huge, especially if you order ‘special’

We had mango blended – a refreshing ice blended drink with mango and lychee and some nate de coco. If im not mistaken it was around RM5 or 6.

Erin had Indomee goreng (double) with beef bacon.It came with a fried egg. Very sedap and peppery. Not sure how much it was tho.

Aree had Surf and Turf – A piece of steak and a huge prawn. The prawn was boiled then the flesh all scooped out and cook Thermidor style (like Lobster thermidor) in a creamy sauce. The steak was nice and tender with mashed mushroom topping. It came with some pickle, mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce.
Price : RM 40

I had the lamb ribs. Three HUGE ribs, all most 25cm long. Not too dry or tough with a yummy mushroom sauce. Served with mash potatoes and cream sauce. I didnt quite like the mint sauce because it was spicy and tasted like that mamak mint thingy they served with tosai. But the lamb was delicious.
Price : RM30

All in all, we had a really filling dinner/supper at the cheap price of RM100 for three of us, that’s RM34 each. I doubt you could get that kind of price in a posh restaurant.

Coming from Puchong side via the LDP, the Kelana Jaya station is on your right and on the left is the bus stop. After the overhead pedestrian bridge, turn left. At the 2nd traffic light, turn left. After the 7-eleven, turn right. Williams is the last shop at the left side of the road, the one with lots of people.