The Bee Café, Jaya One

I have a slight fondness for Jaya One. I don’t go often, but when I do, I like it because its not crowded like Curve or One Utama. Its also the place I go for udon and hot soup (Marufuku!) and cheap drinks (RM50 for 3 glasses of Kilkenny/Guinness or beer). Not to mention there’s PJ Live Arts where I occasionally go to watch a show or two.

After passing by this place numerous times and hearing things about this place (both hits and misses), we decided to hang out here before and after a show we were seeing. Before the show just for drinks and a snack,  and after the show for a proper dinner.

The Bee’s freshly-made House Lemonade (RM5.50) – The lemonade was recommended on Foursquare so I ordered it. And Yes, it was really refreshing and sourish, just the way I like it to be. No pic sorry.

The Bee cafe jaya One 1

Nachos Plate (RM18.50) Tortilla chips topped with Mexican beef chili, jalapenos, sour cream, avocado salsa and melted cheese – This one was nice too. The chips were nicely drenched in beef, cheese and guacamole and sourcream without being soggy. The chilli needs a bit more spices and I hardly tasted any jalapenos. Plus point : the cheese doesn’t taste ‘cheap’.

The Bee cafe jaya One 3

Tori Katsu Burger (RM15.50) Japanese-crumbed chicken with house-made Bulldog tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato and house-made aioli on a lightly toasted burger bun and served with fries – There were a lot of fries. The chicken is freshly fried but unfortunately turns soggy pretty fast due to the sauce on top. The homemade sauce was an interesting twist on a unique burger. Nice, but I preferred the next burger.

The Bee cafe jaya One 2

The Bee Burger (RM18.50) House-made 100% beef patty, beef bacon, cheese, pickled cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and house-made aioli on a lightly toasted burger bun and served with fries – This came highly recommended on twitter. It’s the burger at the back. I liked this much more than my katsu burger (why is the grass already greener on the other side? or in this case, the burger on that other plate is greener). The beef was not tough nor dry, cheese was nicely melted. I can see why its recommended.

My only gripe is that the burgers are a bit small. Especially when you think of places like Chili’s or Carl’s Jr that have huge burgers at about the same price. Also, way too much fries. Plus point is that plain water is free, they have The Last Polka icecreams and you can redeem PJLA tickets for 10% discount.

Will I come back? It’s a big maybe.

The Bee
2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday : 10am – 12am
Friday and Saturday : 10am – 1am
Sunday : 10am – 4pm

Tel: 0379602160

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*Every 5th check-in gets a free cappuccino*

If you just watched a show in PJLA, show your ticket for a 10% discount on your bill