Desserts at G3 Kitchen & Bar, Bangsar

After having dinner at Indian Kitchen (my fav northern indian place), I was hankering for something hot and sweet. As we walked back to our car parked in Bangsar Village, I came across this new place and this sign greeted me as I was approaching it.

ZestfulEats G3 Bangsar Desserts

Desserts!! And at the bottom “ All desserts for RM7++”. Needless to say, I decided to sit. The place had a rustic kind of feel to it. Brick walls and along the walls were shelves filled with loaves of bread on one side and tons of ingredients on the other. Not too sure if you could buy those ingredients, I neglected to ask.

ZestfulEats G3 Bangsar 01

The owner of the place (sorry I can’t recall his name) was friendly and dropped by our table to introduce himself. He mentioned that he and his partner were formerly from Telawi Street Bistro (god I miss those long lunches at TSB with a wood fire baked pizza and a pint of Hoegaarden) who decided to set up shop here, just mere lots away. Nice guy.

ZestfulEats G3 Bangsar Menu 1ZestfulEats G3 Bangsar Menu 2

We took a look at the menu and it seemed to have an interesting selection of western dishes and pizza. The main dishes range from under RM20 (sandwiches and pies) to RM30 (lamb stew, beef ribs) to RM70 (Rump Steak 300gm). Pretty reasonable if you ask me. However, as we were too full, we settled for a Chocolate Mousse to share. I ordered some hot tea as well.

ZestfulEats G3 Bangsar Chocolate Mousse

The chocolate mousse was simple, with some (unsweeted) cream on top. The mousse was not overly thick like a pudding but not runny. I thought it was nice and chocolaty without being too sweet.

Am planning to come again for the main dishes, anyone game to join me?

G3 Kitchen & Bar
19, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2282-9019