Croatian Cuisine at Dubrovnik Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara


[Update 2013: This place is now closed :(]


Croatia (aka Hrvatska). I bet you’ve probably never heard of it. Well, I didn’t. Until I got invited to an event at Dubrovnik Restaurant last year. Croatia is actually close to Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Romania. In the map its that boomerang shaped orange thing in the middle. And Dubrovnik is actually the name of a city in Croatia. Based on pictures I’ve seen, I think it’s a city by the sea. Really gorgeous place.

My friends and I were invited over for some chit chat and some makan-makan. I’ve been here twice previously so haven’t really sampled all their food so it was a good time to check out the rest of the food!

What’s unique about Croatian food is the mix of Mediterranean, Greek and even Turkish (correct me if I’m wrong?) influences in their food. So expect a lot of lamb and different spices that what we’re used to. But first, a bit of history of Dubrovnik Restaurant Dina Djumic, GM & our host for the evening.

Dubrovnik Restaurant has actually been in Solaris for the past 3 years. In fact I believe they were one of the few restaurants who first opened there. At first glance, it may look intimidatingly expensive when in actual fact, there’s much to learn about this place. In preserving the authenticity of the food, they make most of their items like bread, sausages, pasta and even cheese themselves! Dina’s father, Zoran Djumic, is the Head Chef and he oversees the cooking.

So now on to the food! Warning, photo heavy post after the jump!

Note that the photos you see here might not be the same as the standard portions as we were a big group.


For starters, we had some finger food (pic above) – asparagus wrapped in beef bacon, Kobase (chicken sausages) and home-made bread with Ajvar. We also had Orangecello Martinis – a variation of Lemoncello which is lemon left to steep in pure grain alcohol (or vodka – which is easier to get). Quite an interesting taste. I liked it.

KOBASE (RM35) are home made chicken sausages (you may also order the lamb sausages) that are served with sauteed potatos and roasted capsicum. In the photo below they are cut to bite sized pieces and served with cucumber, or is that zucchini? Not too sure. I like my sausages a bit more peppery tho.


AJVAR (RM12) is a dip made of capsicum and tomatoes and some other yummy goodness. It comes with home made bread baked in the wood oven at the back of the restaurant. That pic above is (I think) a full size serving and this is one of my favourite things to order when I come.


The below pic are CEVAPI and DJUVEDJ (RM60). Cevapi are sausages of minced lamb (more lamb!) and beef which are grilled then served with my fave Ajvar. Djuvedj is special Croatian vegetable rice. I loved the Cevapi, but didn’t quite fancy the rice (I prefer bread or potatoes).


Next is Chicken Stroganoff (RM40). I know people usually have Beef stroganoff but according to Dina, our host, she found that a number of customers don’t eat beef so this is a twist on the traditional. The sauce was creamy and light, the chicken was tender. I’ve never had stroganoff before though so can’t compare it with the beef version.


Im not sure what the fish dish on the right is called –_- sorry! But it has herbed croutons on top of it. I didn’t really have this, cant comment.


I think this is something new to the menu. This is basically a pizza dough wrapped like a pita, instead of semi circle like a calzone. This one had chicken ham and cheese. Didn’t quite like this as I thought there was a bit too much dough in the middle


LAMB PEKA (RM50) served with Juicy baked potatoes. Imagine a piece of lamb, marinated with spices, sitting on a bed of potatoes and baked under an iron bell (to seal the juices in) for three (3) whole hours in a wood fire oven. That’s what Dubrovnik calls “The Best Lamb in Town”. This is really good stuff!! Read more about it HERE.

lamb peka


And those potatoes and onions hidden under the lamb? Absolutely delicious. To me, these are the yummiest potatoes in town! Very very good!


And of course, dessert! We had an assortment of desserts – Crepes with chocolate filling, Apple Pita (Pie) (RM16) & Royal Choc Cake (RM17). The Apple pie crust is light and the apples are cooked just slightly, not until they become a mush like in some versions of apple pie. Neither was it too cloyingly sweet.

But the royal choc cake is something you MUST order when you come here.  It’s a dark chocolate mousse-like cake with a crunchy, nutty (hazelnut) praline base. As Pei Chyi said, its like a “fererro roche” cake. Simply delicious.

Notes : I must say that the food in Dubrovnik might seem under seasoned and very “light” to some. I think this is partly because we (or me at least) are used to eating Malay/Indian food that is heavily spiced. Of course im sure you can ask for salt/pepper to add to your dish.

Anyway, planning my next trip for more Ajvar, Cevapi, Lamb Peka and Royal Chocolate Cake. Anyone wants to come with? 😉

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Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 11:30am – 3pm, 6:30pm – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am – 11pm
Mondays : Closed

Tel : 03 6203 6780 / Fax: 03 6203 6780

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dubrovnik group

THANK YOU to David of BuzzMedia for the invite and Dina Djumic for hosting us this evening! It was really fun!

Disclaimer : The food was provided by Dubrovnik Restaurant but this does not effect my judgment or opinion. Bear in mind that tastes are subjective so if you do drop by Dubrovnik, do leave a comment as I’d love to know what you think!